Healthy, vet checked theraputic,  loving, 
               gentics panels, OFA health screenings.


Bond is a 12 pound Parti toy poodle.  He is as sweet as he can be. He has his OFA hip, heart and eye clearances and he also has genetic clearance of over 150 diseases .  Bond has a wonderful temperament and is great with children.  He is a natural therapy dog.  Bond doesn't chew or dig holes outside.  He is the perfect house dog, he can be anywhere in the house and be a perfect dog.  He also doesn't require a leash outside, he stays right by our side.  

Toby, our retired Standard Poodle entered our golden retriever lover family and won our hearts forever. He is  hip (rating good),eye and heart certified. He has also had full genetic testing done and is clear on everything tested.  Toby is our first standard poodle.  Toby is a purebred white (with apricot undertones).  He is a very intelligent, obedient, respectful, calm, healthy and loving poodle. He has beautiful eyes.   He is our shadow and stays by our side everywhere we go.  We live on 5 beautiful landscaped acres and Toby enjoys running all over having fun with us. He immediately comes to us when he is called.  He is not camera shy as you can see how he poses for his pictures. Toby weighs 65 pounds but thinks he is the size of a yorkie the way he likes to cuddle in bed with us.  We prefer the non-traditional look of a standard poodle and we let his hair get  long and curly.  Our grandkids love to cuddle with him and run their hands all over him  and they are always telling me not to cut his beautiful curls! He produces very calm trainable puppies and is the father of many service dogs. Poodles are 3rd on the list for being the best dogs for kids. Toby is retired now.